Larry C. Martin

Larry C. Martin

There is no one in Northwest GA that loves to put deals together as much as Larry Martin.   If you have a vision for your business, contact Larry.  He can make it happen.

Growing up in Dothan

Being the son of a peanut sharecropper, Larry grew up with strong motivation and tons of drive.  Living on the farm with no interior electricity or plumbing fueled Larry's nonstop work ethic and desire to create. 

Learning to Deal

As a young boy, Larry had his own newspaper paper route, and was a teen car hop at Nip and Ernies restaurant in Dothan. These early jobs taught Larry the invaluable skills of quickly doing math in his head and the art of negotiation. By the time Larry was in his 20's he had built up a chain of men's clothing stores.  Larry Martin has incredible vision paired with unstoppable drive.